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A substance which initiates a physiological response when combined with a receptor.
  1. 'These observations provide support for the model that glucose and structurally related sugars are agonists of the Gpr1 receptor.'
  2. 'For example, the highly potent opioid receptor agonist etorphine is not a medically useful drug because it can only be used a few times before the body becomes desensitized to the drug.'
A muscle whose contraction moves a part of the body directly.
  1. 'Alternate between agonist and antagonist muscle groups (e.g… quadriceps and hamstrings), and alternate sides.'
  2. 'It's a matter of muscle aesthetics: The upper arm looks best when both its opposing muscle groups, the agonists and antagonists - that's bis and tris to you - carry a complementary amount of muscle.'
  3. 'In addition, we believe that the agonist / antagonist muscle ratios are important values when considering how the scapula provides stability, mobility, and symptom-free function.'
  1. 'To every agonist, there is an antagonist.'
((n.) One who contends for the prize in public games.)


1. a person engaged in a contest, conflict, struggle, etc., especially the protagonist in a literary work.

2. a person who is torn by inner conflict.

3. Physiology. a contracting muscle whose action is opposed by another muscle.Compare antagonist (def 3).

4. Pharmacology. a chemical substance capable of activating a receptor to induce a full or partial pharmacological response.Compare antagonist (def 5).


"There can be agonist dependings."
"There can be agonist concentrations."
"There can be agonist carbachols."
"There can be agonist bethanechols."
"agonists can be such as salbutamols."
"receptots can have agonists."
"factors can have agonists."
"agonists can be into rabbits."
"agonists can be in vivos."
"agonists can be in vitros."
"agonists can be in presences."
"agonists can be in patients."
"agonists can be in developments."
"agonists can be in bowels."
"agonists can be for people/places/organizations."
"agonists can be for diseases."

Early 20th century: from Greek agōnistēs ‘contestant’ (a sense reflected in English in the early 17th century), from agōn ‘contest’.

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