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plural noun

Books, artefacts, and other collectors' items connected with Africa, especially southern Africa.
  1. 'That the Africana missive exists seems to me to represent evidence.'
  2. 'The museum currently exhibits no Africana save these Amistad-related materials.'
  3. 'Collecting Africana is unlike collecting most other materials because of the lack of well-known high-profile vendors.'
  4. 'Also reflected in the correspondence is his interest in collecting Africana and antiquarian books, and in big game hunting.'
  5. 'We invite papers that address identity, language, and memory in Africa and the African diaspora in philosophy, religious/theological studies, and Africana philosophy.'
  6. 'Consequently, while Africana drama can be found on stage, it easily makes a home in earth, human beings, vinyl, paper, and concrete - the stylings of soulforce know no bounds.'
  7. 'The spacious, comfortable lounge, with fireplace and open-plan kitchen is furnished with Zimbabwean teak and lovingly collected Africana'
  8. 'He began collecting Africana and conducting research into the history and life of the Voortrekker period.'
  9. 'He is a wisdom-keeper devoted to revealing the multi-dimensionality of Africana drama.'
  10. 'He subsequently worked in the country for 12 years until 1968, during which period he collected 'Africana' relating to Swaziland and the surrounding countries.'

noun, (used with a plural verb)

1. artifacts or artistic or literary works of any of the nations of Africa reflecting geographical, historical, or cultural development.

2. a collection of materials, as books and documents, on African history or culture.



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