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A person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about an activity, subject, or pastime.
  1. 'The story also conjures up several anecdotes that will be appreciated by Brit-pop aficionados.'
  2. 'For the true aficionado, a beer is a special type of travel souvenir, to be greedily consumed and tucked away with all its heady memories.'
  3. 'In fact, as aficionados of the English language will know, a palindrome is a word whose letters spell the same forwards as backwards.'
  4. 'Still, his aficionado's enthusiasm for Wagner's operas numbs him to the sensitivities and dilemmas of others.'
  5. 'Like other Brontë aficionados, he probably imagined she had a detailed knowledge of the book, but it turned out she had not read it.'
  6. 'In addition to being a prolific writer and editor, he was a connoisseur of art, an expert on forestry and an aficionado of historic houses.'
  7. 'He was a gun aficionado, and he had a collection of guns always around him.'
  8. 'That diversity is the band's true strength and is a very welcome change for us jaded music aficionados.'
  9. 'Cat blankets, so the aficionados say, are good for rheumatism.'
  10. 'But I can't help but feel that this is a book written by an aficionado for other aficionados.'

noun, plural aficionados[uh-fish-yuh-nah-dohz; Spanish ah-fee-thyaw-nah-th aws]/əˌfɪʃ yəˈnɑ doʊz; Spanish ɑˌfi θyɔˈnɑ ðɔs/(Show IPA)

1. an ardent devotee; fan, enthusiast.


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Mid 19th century (denoting a devotee of bullfighting): from Spanish, ‘amateur’, past participle of aficioner ‘become fond of’ used as a noun, based on Latin affectio(n-) ‘(favourable) disposition towards’ (see affection).

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