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A native or inhabitant of Afghanistan, or a person of Afghan descent.
  1. 'Roberts retrieved the situation that time, but the British lost to the Afghans again in 1919.'
  2. 'What information do you have about other Afghans who have returned home or been sent home?'
  3. 'There is no such coverage and hence no such understanding of the plight of, for example, Afghans or Congolese.'
  4. 'The Turks and Afghans who served in the Moghul Army are believed to have brought this dish to Hindustan.'
  5. 'With the Russians gone, ordinary Afghans expected a return to calm.'
  6. 'The poorest Afghans and the richest Afghans are all coming back to the country to do what they can.'
  7. 'This inhospitable and isolated place is temporarily home to some 33,000 displaced Afghans.'
  8. 'Some weapons will be blown up while usable weapons will be handed over to the Afghan's own national army, which is now being formed.'
  9. 'For two weeks American forces had been camped along with Romanians and Afghans in the centre of Kandahar.'
  1. 'Many people in Russia speak Afghan, and many people in Afghanistan speak Russian.'
  2. 'In fact, the neighboring district of Khash — located on the ancient Silk Road to China — is the source of the Afghan word for opium poppy.'
A woollen blanket or shawl, typically one knitted or crocheted in strips or squares.
  1. 'Her mother was curled up in bed, sweating in her pink flannel pajamas, covered with a crocheted afghan even in the summer heat.'
  2. 'She hesitated then sat down in the chair beside him, tucking an afghan over her legs and finding a book to read.'
  3. 'Then she crochets for hours, making scarves, afghans, and stuffed animals for family and friends.'
  4. 'I also crocheted afghans and other things, as well as making quilts - all of which we used in home.'
  5. 'Smiling, she pulled away from Ben and laid a crocheted afghan over the slumbering boy.'
  6. 'She was knitting an afghan in the color of dandelions.'
  7. 'The room had one double bed covered in a green afghan, and a TV without a remote control stood in the corner.'
  8. 'There will also be a variety of home crafts including knitted items and afghans, toys, books, paper goods and household items.'
  9. 'Tell everyone to bring along one of the afghans or quilts that she's given them over the years.'
  10. 'Her quiet, peaceful times were spent knitting afghans for family and friends and patiently sewing beautiful needlework pictures that were displayed in her lovely home.'
  1. 'The Afghan stands 27- 29 inches tall and weighs 58-64 pounds.'
  2. 'It's been a tourist trap for so long that even my elder sister went there in the days when it was "hip" and they all wore Afghans.'


Relating to Afghanistan, its people, or their language.
  1. 'Most of the original cameleers were from Afghanistan and the town is dotted with reminders of the people who shaped its past with Afghan street and place names.'
  2. 'And this is basically Afghan policy, and very sensible too.'
  3. 'Forty stone-faced, bearded men sat cross-legged on worn Afghan rugs.'
  4. 'Second, having an Afghan leader eliminates the language barrier.'
  5. 'Millions of Afghan refugees could face famine or death.'
  6. 'On Feb. 7, the Afghan Ministry of Defense flew a team of Afghan physicians and medical supplies to the town.'
  7. 'He wore Afghan clothes, spoke their languages, and understood their traditions.'
  8. 'The 1,600 delegates, Afghan men and women from throughout the country and the world, will pick a leader for the next two years.'
((n.) A native of Afghanistan.|--|(n.) A kind of worsted blanket or wrap.|--|)


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From Pashto afghānī.

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