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A female adventurer.
  1. 'Fabre went on to attack women's clubs, claiming, to much applause, that they were composed of ‘adventuresses, wandering female knights, emancipated girls, and amazons'.'
  2. 'When evaluated from this perspective, it's easier to see her less as an adventuress and more as a dichotomy.'
  3. 'No question, she is indomitable, a chronic adventurer - adventuress, if you wish.'
  4. 'For the uninitiated, Charley's an Edwardian adventuress who stowed away on an airship, the R101, and was rescued by The Doctor just before it blew up in flames.'
  5. 'At least Prince Hektor always got what he wanted and the girl of his dreams fawned at his feet, despite her claims of being an independent, man-hating adventuress.'
  6. 'Fanny, she discovered, was a pioneer woman, a legendary dynamo and singular adventuress.'
((n.) A female adventurer; a woman who tries to gain position by equivocal means.)


1. a woman who schemes to win social position, wealth, etc., by unscrupulous or questionable means.

2. a woman who is an adventurer.

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