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A woman who commits adultery.
  1. 'Some have suggested that it derives from a term (recorded in the Talmud) that means ‘curling women's hair,’ and is a reference to an adulteress.'
  2. 'Opponents relentlessly portrayed the quiet, devout Rachel as an adulteress at best, more often as a seductress and loose woman.'
  3. 'The main character is an adulteress going through a midlife crisis who wants out of her marriage and who works in a human resources department.'
  4. 'Jackson's mother was called a ‘common prostitute’ and his wife an immoral adulteress.'
  5. 'They told the tales in public places about the people who were in their chicherias: stories of wayward wives and cheating husbands, and stories of pilfering clerks and aborting adulteresses.'
  6. 'He plays Levin, the troubled noble whose story runs parallel to the adulteress of the title.'
  7. 'The young women Vera helps include an adulteress and a cocktail-slugging party girl.'
  8. 'As Stella, the 1950's bored wife, inattentive mother and unhinged adulteress at the center of this story, Ms. Richardson initially affects the vacant mien of cinema's classically oppressed women.'
  9. 'Having a child in this society was about as much a sin as being an adulteress in the Puritan society of The Scarlet Letter.'
  10. 'The sheriff and two reporters show up; she has ensured that the story will be all over the papers, and that she and Roark, adulteress and convict, will be linked.'
((n.) A woman who commits adultery.|--|(n.) A woman who violates her religious engagements.|--|)


1. a woman who commits adultery.

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