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A mixture.
  1. 'The mixture consists of a mineral/organic main component, Portland cement, water, and admixtures.'
  2. 'There are many other costs associated with concrete, like a variety of chemical admixtures that do all kinds of good things to concrete - most of the time.'
  3. 'By 1984 the adults and their young carried admixtures of the genes that produced the 1983 adults.'
  4. 'The shell turns out to be made of amorphous silica - essentially sand - without the admixture of organics that characterize similar forms.'
  5. 'Previous studies have shown that there were extensive genetic admixtures in the Silk Road region.'
  6. 'Although the precise composition of the material was not known, it was believed to comprise a mixture of cements, plus crushed fine aggregates, pigments and chemical admixtures.'
  7. 'It is important to know the effect on set time of chemical admixtures, particularly in cool or cold weather.'
  8. 'During the night when concrete was needed, workers added the Portland cement and admixtures and placed the concrete.'
  9. 'Packaged in patented water-soluble bags, the Rescue-Pak contains six different powdered admixtures.'
  10. 'Performance mixes include the addition of fly ash and a water-reducing admixture.'
  11. 'green with an admixture of black'
  12. 'Despite controlling for genetic admixture within families, if a study sample is genetically heterogeneous, the ability to detect genetic associations can be limited.'
  13. 'Given recent fossil evidence, Africa may have provided the greatest opportunity for admixture between archaic subpopulations of Homo, simply because Africa harbored the highest levels of diversity.'
  14. 'The mean probability of belonging was calculated based on the probability of the individual assignment, which makes the percentage of admixture detectable and visualizes it in circular charts.'
  15. 'During a southern speaking tour I was able to set aside a few days to explore the New Orleans museums, shops, temples, and tombs that relate to this distinctive admixture of religion and magic, commerce and controversy.'
  16. 'Results were used to assess the relative contributions of premating and postmating barriers to reproductive isolation and to predict the long-term genetic effect of population admixture.'
  17. 'Furthermore, disequilibrium is a good indicator of recent mutations, genetic drift, bottlenecks, stratification or admixture, and the demographic history of populations.'
  18. 'The results also indicate a low level of admixture (intermarriage, conversion etc.) into the gene pool of these various Jewish communities.'
  19. 'However, preliminary genetic analyses showed offspring admixture was probably caused by apicultural drift (beekeepers' term for the change of hive or colony).'
  20. 'In addition, northeast Indians show virtually no genetic admixture with other Indian groups, which has led to a remarkable genetic discontinuity between these groups.'
  21. 'However, to retain this hypothesis, we would have to eliminate the alternative explanation that the observed polymorphism is because of secondary admixture of differentiated populations.'
((n.) The act of mixing; mixture.|--|(n.) The compound formed by mixing different substances together.|--|(n.) That which is mixed with anything.|--|)


1. the act of mixing; state of being mixed.

2. anything added; any alien element or ingredient: This is a pure product; there are no admixtures.

3. a compound containing an admixture.


"words can have admixtures."
"theres can have admixtures."
"plays can have admixtures."
"people can have admixtures."
"peers can have admixtures."
"nastinesses can have admixtures."
"materials can have admixtures."
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"informations can have admixtures."
"flowers can have admixtures."
"creativities can have admixtures."
"concepts can have admixtures."
"comments can have admixtures."
"cognitions can have admixtures."
"blacks can have admixtures."
"beliefs can have admixtures."
"aggressions can have admixtures."
"admixtures can be for cements."

Early 17th century (in the sense ‘act of admixing’): from ad- (expressing addition) + mixture.

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