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A person who works in advertising.
  1. 'Later, through sheer coincidence, the adman falls for the victim's widow.'
  2. 'My generation might be a consumer generation in the eyes of the admen, but we are also a generation that is more or less broke.'
  3. 'She was brought up in Michigan where her grandfather was an adman for General Motors and her father's sideline was boxing promotion.'
  4. 'My Dad, an adman in the sixties, was a terrific fan of game shows (although I'm sure he never watched one).'
  5. 'Mother has opened an office in the US during the new year and four of America's top admen, including a former head of advertising for Nike, have joined the team.'
  6. 'Owen plays Charles Schine, an unhappy adman whose sleek boss has just removed him from his most lucrative account.'
  7. 'For admen in the '70s, subliminal advertising was not a social threat but - worse!'
  8. 'The admen behind cartoon cow Graham Heffer have been asked to work on a new campaign for the Cream of Manchester, which could see him replaced after just two and a half years.'
  9. '‘Good morning, gentlemen,’ he said, striding towards the table and offering his hand to the admen.'

noun, plural admen[ad-men, -muh n]/ˈædˌmɛn, -mən/(Show IPA)

1. Also called advertising man. one whose profession is writing, designing, or selling advertisements.

2. a printer or compositor who specializes in setting advertisements.


"admans can implant in people."
"admans can blink at words."

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