Noun Adjuster Definition and Examples







  1. 'More than 35,000 insurance adjusters are working statewide handling more than 1-million claims filed from the first three storms.'
  2. 'Since 2001 my husband has been working with my employer as an insurance adjuster.'
((n.) One who, or that which, adjusts.)


1. a person or thing that adjusts.

2. an insurance company representative who investigates claims and makes settlement recommendations based on the estimate of the damages and the company's liability.


"There can be adjuster plugs."
"There can be adjuster keys."
"There can be adjuster fees."
"organizations can have adjusters."
"places can have adjusters."
"nets can have adjusters."
"adjusters can be with people."
"adjusters can be towards settings."
"adjusters can be on burners."
"titles can have adjusters."
"adjusters can be in coppers."
"adjusters can be in areas."
"adjusters can be after things."

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