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A horizontal passage leading into a mine for the purposes of access or drainage.
  1. 'Many adits, shafts and tunnels, some extending over 100 m, pursue these veins deep underground.'
  2. 'The mine's three adits lie in the Shinarump conglomerate member of the Triassic Chinle Formation.'
  3. 'Armed with large circular screens, we worked the pocket remains in a small stream that ran past the mine adit.'
  4. 'Two shafts and an adit were ultimately driven, but Dunham reported that recorded output of lead concentrates for this period was fairly low.'
  5. 'By May 2004, more than 10,000 tons of high-grade ore had been mined from this adit.'
  6. 'Underground mining entails sinking shafts to reach the target resource and driving tunnels and adits, either inclined or horizontally.'
  7. 'The orebodies were accessed through several adits and a few shallow shafts.'
  8. 'Early development included sinking shafts and driving adits on the various copper-bearing lodes; by 1870 the mine had produced about 902,000 pounds of copper.'
  9. 'Pits that run horizontally into a hill slope or cliff following material into the slope are known as adits or drift mines.'
  10. 'The strategy for the second year was to drive a new tunnel, branching to the northeast from the main adit near the mine entrance.'
((n.) An entrance or passage. Specifically: The nearly horizontal opening by which a mine is entered, or by which water and ores are carried away; -- called also drift and tunnel.|--|(n.) Admission; approach; access.|--|)


1. an entrance or a passage.

2. Also called entry. Mining. a nearly horizontal passage leading into a mine.

3. an approach or access.

Early 17th century: from Latin aditus ‘approach, entrance’, from adit- ‘approached’, from the verb adire, from ad- ‘towards’ + ire ‘go’.

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