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  1. 'However, it could be au revoir rather than adieu to scary Sandra.'
  2. 'Let sentimental tears give way to sensible adieu.'
  3. 'And believe it or not, it's ciao, adieu and a big, fat ‘cheerio, babe!’'
  4. 'One of the most subtly poignant scenes in the film's the ghost's aching farewell: ‘adieu, adieu, remember me.’'


A goodbye.
  1. 'Anyway, it's very late, I'm very tired and very sick so I shall bid you all adieu!'
  2. 'With what better sentiment can I bid you all adieu?'
  3. 'Before bidding her adieu, I said, ‘Saroja, you are dreaming of Utopia.’'
  4. 'After an hour and 15 minutes of non-stop rhythm, it was time to bid adieu.'
  5. 'On this occasion it is to Henry the parliamentarian that we are bidding adieu, as he is dislodged from his Central Fife fiefdom by an ungrateful Labour movement.'
  6. 'Connie, Larry and I bid our adieus and took an an early evening bar hop down Christopher Street, which included smart drinks at The Monster, Stonewall, The Hangar and Ty's.'
  7. 'As per the information received, Kulkarni exited yesterday amid emotional adieus that came as a shock to many.'
  8. 'This little bit of nothing has been my best friend during those years and it's with a sad and tear-filled heart (tearful just doesn't work in that sentence) that I must bid adieu.'
((n.) A farewell; commendation to the care of God at parting.)


1. goodbye; farewell. noun, plural adieus, adieux[uh-dooz, uh-dyooz; French a-dyœ]/əˈduz, əˈdyuz; French aˈdyœ/(Show IPA)

2. the act of leaving or departing; farewell.


"adieus can be to dates."

Late Middle English: from Old French, from a ‘to’ + Dieu ‘God’; compare with adios.

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