Noun Ad Definition and Examples





1. advertisement.

2. advertising: an ad agency.


"There can be ad campaigns."
"There can be ad litems."
"There can be ad revenues."
"There can be ad industries."
"There can be ad spendings."
"There can be ad volumes."
"There can be ad infinitums."
"There can be ad accounts."
"There can be ad indexes."
"There can be ad bans."
"There can be ad rates."
"There can be ad markets."
"There can be ad monopolies."
"There can be ad valorems."
"There can be ad sales."
"There can be ad execs."
"There can be ad nauseams."
"There can be ad incomes."
"There can be ad budgets."
"There can be ad groups."
"ads can say things against s."
"ads can respond desires to consumers."
"ads can cause offences to readers."
"ads can win prizes at festivals."
"ads can take aims at photographs."
"ads can show people with eyes."
"ads can page pcts in dates."
"ads can treat people near dyins."
"ads can translate people into czechs."
"ads can sue places for defamations."
"ads can sue people/places/organizations for defamations."
"ads can show things to cameras."
"ads can show rises in people/places/organizations."
"ads can show rises in dates."
"ads can run people into czechs."
"ads can run people in countries."
"ads can rev nearings in/at/on pounds."
"ads can remind people of violences."
"ads can remind people of massacres."
"ads can remind people in towns."

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