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  1. 'Those 21 strains that grew on AT in the presence of LexA were rejected because the suppression could have been due to mutations that potentiate weak activators.'
  2. 'They may also serve as upstream activators of the protein kinase C, which is involved in cell wall biosynthesis.'


1. a person or thing that activates.

2. Chemistry, Biochemistry. a catalyst.

3. any impurity in a mineral that causes luminescence.Compare inhibitor (def 3).

4. Orthodontics. a removable appliance, usually of hard plastic, that is worn in the mouth instead of a fixed appliance to help align the teeth and improve the relationship of the lower jaw to the upper.


"There can be activator studs."
"There can be activator productions."
"There can be activator inhibitors."
"There can be activator impurities."
"There can be activator genes."
"There can be activator functions."
"There can be activator factors."
"There can be activator concentrations."
"There can be activator centres."
"There can be activator activities."
"activators can be in tissues."
"activators can be with potencies."
"receptors can have activators."
"activators can be in oesophaguses."
"activators can be in carcinomas."
"activators can be by things."
"activators can be with distributions."
"activators can be with activities."
"activators can be under transcriptions."
"activators can be under conditions."
"activators can play roles in models."
"activators can play roles by changes."
"activators can convert plasminogens to plasmins."
"activators can result in vitros."
"activators can result in activations."
"activators can play in processes."
"activators can play in models."
"activators can play by changes."
"activators can convert to plasmins."
"activators can come in places."

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