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Take action; do something.
  1. with infinitive 'governments must act to reduce pollution'
  2. 'In the wake of Silent Spring all industrialised societies acted to reduce pollution.'
  3. 'We must act, not only in defence of our sisters and brothers in other countries, but for our own children and our own future.'
  4. 'I have never come across a business so brilliant, nor one so destined for bankruptcy by 2002, so you must act now.'
  5. 'We in turn must act to save the fish from the fishermen and remind them that that once the fish are gone, they won't even be able to chuck dead fish back into the sea.'
  6. 'Investors must act quickly if they want to roll their capital into another tax-free plan, writes Jessica Bown'
  7. 'In these circumstances, players may also use an assistant who cannot view the playing court and must act only on the player's instructions.'
  8. 'This body must act now to urge our fellow legislators in the United States Senate to alleviate this crisis.'
  9. 'We must act before we are punished for moving too slowly.'
  10. 'Based upon no common agreement on publicly available information, the Democrats say we must act now.'
  11. 'But they must act tomorrow if they are to convene the Northern Ireland Assembly to elect a new first minister.'
  12. 'That he was the one who thought of addressing and acting on the issue has lifted my estimation of Mr Rudd very much.'
  13. 'Last but not least, the new Mayor said that he would also be acting on a suggestion by Cllr. Browning.'
  14. 'The world's most powerful man acts on the voices he hears in his head.'
  15. 'This was because his role in that came to light too late for the Hutton inquiry to act on it.'
  16. 'Bravo to the captain of the ship for acting on his good conscience when his distress signals fell on deaf ears.'
  17. 'Meanwhile the Prime Minister, no orator but a politician with an actor's empathy for public mood, acts on his instincts.'
  18. 'Seventeen years later a British government chose to act on that suggestion and dispatch the fleet.'
  19. 'This value is the amount of time the browser waits before it acts on information it receives.'
  20. 'In other words, the tribunal was acting on newer, more negative country information.'
  21. 'The detectives were acting on a tip-off from a thief who had broken into Mr Morrison's house only days earlier.'
  22. 'one's ability to act for community change'
  23. 'His espousal of State action, representing the best collective nature of the whole community, was to act for the benefit of all.'
  24. 'Napoleon recognized his abilities, promoting him to positions where he could act for the benefit of French science and education.'
  25. 'As to his comment that ‘the party acts for the best interests of the working man’ I would respond ‘not in a long time’.'
  26. 'The purchaser was a solicitor acting on behalf of a client.'
  27. 'The firearms officer is being represented by the Scottish Police Federation, which acts on behalf of rank-and-file police.'
  28. 'After the hearing, Holt, who acts for the twins, said: ‘The award will make a very significant difference to the twins' quality of life.’'
  29. 'A Dublin-based firm of solicitors are acting on behalf of the parents of over 100 children with autism.'
  30. 'He also acted for the Ukraine Communist Party and the Ukraine Socialist Party.'
  31. 'They will now have to wait to hear whether solicitors acting on behalf of the accused man ask for a second post-mortem examination.'
  32. 'I understand you act for the airline, and there was a dispute there some time ago about drug and alcohol testing.'
  33. 'Our back pages are dominated by celebrity drivel spun by agents acting for a handful of English superstars.'
  34. 'The barrister acting for the community council is now objecting to the inspector's decision.'
  35. 'At the end of August solicitors acting on behalf of Mr King launched a claim for damages at London's High Court.'
  36. 'you acted from greed'
  37. 'In part, he speaks and acts from a position of privilege - he has social and financial influence, he can set agendas.'
  38. 'Whether you agree or disagree with his policies, you cannot doubt that he acts from deep convictions, and that he is prepared to take courageous decisions that fly in the face of public opinion.'
Behave in the way specified.
  1. 'he acts as if he owned the place'
  2. 'In any case, the administration must acknowledge that he acted like a hero, who did his best for his city.'
  3. 'Politicians have to be seen to be acting responsibly and must expect to be censured when they are not.'
  4. 'I act like a teenager and he acts like a staid, pipe-and-slippers pensioner.'
  5. 'Is it really that difficult to act like an adult and go about the business of the country in an orderly, civilized manner?'
  6. 'He kept acting as if the crowd adored him when in fact we found him to be an annoying prat.'
  7. 'We're going to act like normal, mature adults and choose normal children's names.'
  8. 'Both of these guys spend half of the film acting as if they're posing for a magazine cover.'
  9. 'I was behaving in my normal chatty self and acting as if I knew them for a hundred years as usual.'
  10. 'What made it so original was that is she acted as if everything she said made perfect sense.'
  11. 'The other thing is people are acting as if corruption in the Olympics is something new.'
Fulfil the function or serve the purpose of.
  1. 'a day-care centre which will act as a meeting place'
  2. 'The plan proposed Mr Robertson as manager and relied on volunteers acting as core staff.'
  3. 'Bethany also acts as her parents' ears as both are deaf, since contracting measles in childhood.'
  4. 'Both supplementary bodies are composed of experts acting as governmental representatives.'
  5. 'We have an opportunity to create a town centre that could act as a meeting place or some point of civic focus.'
  6. 'Jody acts as a foster mum and he had to hand feed the four every three hours for the first four days.'
  7. 'Nor is their any evidence at all that the threat of execution acts as a deterrent.'
  8. 'The data centre also acts as a backup to the US serving infrastructure if required.'
  9. 'The High Court ruling is timely and would have served the purpose if it acts as a deterrent.'
  10. 'Police believe their presence also acts as a deterrent against other crimes.'
  11. 'Spraying a strong disinfectant inside refuse bags also acts as a deterrent to foxes.'
Take effect; have a particular effect.
  1. 'Drug use was pandemic at these shows because drugs act to trigger the transformation into the private self.'
  2. 'Nitrosureas - a group of drugs that act similarly to that of alkylating agents.'
  3. 'Recent studies have suggested that a number of drugs may act specifically to increase healing rates.'
  4. 'Wine drunk on its own tastes different when taken with food, because the wine acts on food in a similar way to spices.'
  5. 'Histamine H 2 receptor antagonists act by blocking the effect of histamine on parietal cells.'
  6. 'Thus, the competition between monovalent and divalent cations acts only on the DNA sites and does not act on the mica sites.'
  7. 'It is almost always given by injecting a drug, which acts so rapidly that you are barely aware that anything is happening before waking up in the recovery ward, or back in bed.'
  8. 'Vulgarone B has proved just as effective - and faster acting - than the current treatment against golden apple snails.'
Perform a role in a play, film, or television.
  1. with object 'he acted the role of the king'
  2. 'Boorman, son of the director John Boorman, had acted in 24 films since a childhood role in Deliverance in 1972.'
  3. 'The movie is being made, with Angelina Jolie acting in the lead role.'
  4. 'He acted with the Royal Shakespeare Company in 2002, in Island Princess, The Malcontent, Edward III and The Roman Actor.'
  5. 'Is it because, except for the 4 main actors, none of the rest can act to save their roles?'
  6. 'At a time when most of her contemporaries were sitting exams, she was acting in meaty TV roles.'
  7. 'She was very strong in the leading role, singing and acting well, while Lee was very creditable as the prince.'
  8. 'It's also a film that reveals a new beauty which was buried inside all the comedy roles he had acted in.'
  9. 'At three he was Jesus in a Nativity play; at 10 he had a theatre role, four years later he was on television and at 16 he acted in a short film.'
  10. 'He is still afraid of accepting film roles, despite having acted in more than 300 films over the past 29 years.'
  11. 'He is considered to be more of an ‘artist’ than most Tamil actors because he acts in non-stereotypical roles.'
  12. 'He acted shocked then pretended to weep.'
  13. 'Caelyn asked, pretending to act coy as she kept one hand around his neck and used to the other to trace his collarbone lightly.'
  14. 'May pretended that she was acting sorry about dumping him.'
  15. 'Haley sniped examining her fingernails pretending to act aloof about the whole matter.'
  16. 'At the moment, they were acting so reserved… pretending a ghost of the relationship they usually had.'
  17. 'So the suspicion remains that his main desire is merely to appear to be acting tough - whether or not what he suggests will make any difference.'
  18. 'Melody had surprised herself with how calm she had acted and appeared even though inside a swarm of butterflies flitted nervously and a shiver ran down her spine.'
  19. 'She wrote a story about Nathan… and took photos of her Nathan doll acting it out!'
  20. 'He would write scripts for us during the week and we would act them out.'
  21. 'My best-friend, Lori, who had an older brother and knew everything, confirmed this story, and once, to my extreme titillation, even acted it out for me.'
  22. 'One couple actually stood in the center of the two lines during the whole baseball announcer verse and acted the whole thing out.'
  23. 'Originally, Ed comes from a radio background and he is used to working on-the-fly We would literally act the story out and over the course of several months we came up with the screenplay.'
  24. 'I was ritually acting the book out in some way, which is funny to think about.'
  25. 'The use of a Tolkein-esque storyline to illustrate the aspects of growing up and maturing is perfect, and the way in which the story is acted out and accented is priceless.'
  26. 'He proceeds to dazzle them with a story, acting it out with the help of his dog.'
  27. 'They aren't just reading them but acting them out.'
  28. 'By acting things out, it really brings it alive and afterwards they have to write a report of the battle as if they were a reporter.'
  29. 'Like so many traumatized children, they were acting it out again and again, Elliott explains, until they could see it in a way that made sense to them.'
  30. '‘Social workers need training so that ingrained prejudices are not acted out,’ Ms Fay said.'
  31. 'According to Freud, ‘we may say that the patient does not remember anything of what he has forgotten and repressed, but acts it out.’'


A thing done; a deed.
  1. 'the act of writing down one's thoughts'
  2. 'Tonight the act of turning back our clocks signals, in a more or less official way, the onset of fall.'
  3. 'He had started his quest with no mastery of the act of observing a scene and translating it onto paper.'
  4. 'Witnesses to the act of criminal genius called police who, so far, have only charged the man with theft.'
  5. 'The act of eating is important but it is always accompanied by speech.'
  6. 'This study agrees with the view of Franklin L. Ford, whose book Political Murder covers terrorist acts from ancient times down to the 1980s.'
  7. 'The bombings were the act of criminal extremists.'
  8. 'However, the weekend becomes meaningful only by the act of being remembered.'
  9. 'That is why the act of dissent and of intelligently questioning a war is one of the most patriotic things that a civilian can do.'
  10. 'Transgression of this boundary was the act of a criminal and a heroic nature.'
  11. 'Like everything, the act of recollection moves with the times.'
A pretence.
  1. 'They had no qualms about putting on an act, playing on ethnic stereotypes people enjoyed to get audiences.'
  2. 'Hunter replied, but I couldn't tell if he was sincere or just putting on an act.'
  3. 'Those interjections were very reasonable, and the Minister was simply putting on an act to try to get some sympathy.'
  4. 'It is hoped, for the sake of millions of poor Filipinos, that he is not just putting on an act, good movie actor that he was.'
  5. 'I couldn't help but wonder if he was always putting on an act for people, if the charm he always used was an act.'
  6. 'All these people their fake, their smiles and laughs were all pretend, just an act to cover up reality.'
  7. 'Kazza stared at me blankly in reply, knowing I was putting on an act.'
  8. 'It would be like putting on an act to get others to advance toward God, when I'm still getting a toe on the starting line.'
  9. 'Up at the talks Scott - such a nice man - put on a brilliant act of pretending that there were still lots of disagreements.'
  10. 'There was no pretence there, no act, and there was something about her that felt like a real breath of fresh air.'
  11. 'he did his Sir Galahad act'
  12. 'The kitchen where Willie did his Jamie Oliver act makes the one he'll have to share at college look in need of a visit from environmental health.'
  13. 'I've brought home a stack of proofs to read this weekend, so started on them on the train home, but did my worryingly regular falling asleep act not long outside London.'
A written law passed by Parliament, Congress, etc.
  1. 'To declare war requires an act of congress, but to launch a nuclear holocaust requires 20 minutes' deliberation by the president and his advisors.'
  2. 'It had passed an Act of Parliament to end the proceedings and preclude any appeal.'
  3. 'For these powers it seems an Act of Parliament will be needed.'
  4. 'The document is being distributed to members of Congress in preparation for the 2004 reauthorization of the Higher Education Act.'
  5. 'Some of these rights and liberties are the results of custom and convention, whereas others are contained in the written Acts of Parliament.'
  6. 'An Act of Parliament dissolved monasteries with annual revenues of under £200.'
  7. 'Third, the fact that the act or document is uncommercial, or even artificial, does not mean that it is a sham.'
  8. 'A notary draws up the act which is the legal evidence of the pope's death.'
  9. 'For the Acts and Proceedings of the Convocations, readers are referred to The Chronicle of the Convocation of Canterbury.'
A main division of a play, ballet, or opera.
  1. 'The play's careful and logical division into five acts (which would have been marked by Intervals in indoor performance) would support this view.'
  2. 'A Time for Tea is nevertheless, organised into two main acts.'
  3. 'Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo and Juliet employs comedy in its first act to endear us to its characters and set up its plot.'
  4. 'With a top ticket price of $110, you had better give me more than a one-act ballet stretched into two acts.'
  5. 'As a student at the School of American Ballet, she appeared for several years in the second act of the New York City Ballet's production of George Balanchine's Nutcracker.'
  6. 'Ballet in two acts with choreography by Ivanov, libretto by Petipa, music by Tchaikovsky, and designs by M. I. Botcharov, K. Ivanov, and I. Vsevolojsky.'
  7. 'Ursula Fri-Bernhard and Jan Kyhle anchor this production with exciting performances in the first act.'
  8. 'The performances included 5 separate acts by Madame Jim, with full costume changes, which earned mountains of applause.'
  9. 'Lawrence, like Richard Pryor before him, uses his stand-up act as a forum to tell his side of the story.'
  10. 'After all, politicians don't usually perform comedy acts where they smash produce with sledgehammers.'
  11. 'The comic had risen through the standup ranks, working hard at developing an act after his initial performances drew derision.'
  12. 'Still, I didn't really want to be there listening to the DJs playing records, I wanted to see the main act.'
  13. 'an act called the Apple Blossom Sisters'
  14. 'More than 50 acts from 32 different nations are gathering for the hot-hot-hottest of Montreal's many summer festivals.'
  15. 'Hugely respected acts from both Ireland and Wales will fill every venue, every night - and Sunday afternoon too - bringing a real festival flavour to this unmissable weekend of fun.'
  16. 'The outdoor concert was cancelled and the various acts performed in local pubs instead.'
  17. 'Snow Patrol, Travis, McFly, Ronan Keating and Dannii Minogue are just some of the chart-topping acts whose performances at the live concerts will be broadcast on the night.'
  18. 'The four winning acts announced today will perform live on Song For Europe.'
  19. 'Fifty acts from the three Prairie Provinces will be selected by a jury of industry professionals to perform in venues such as the Rev Cabaret, the Sidetrack, New City Likwid Lounge and Suburbs.'
  20. 'While the acts from Pink Floyd to Razorlight go through their numbers in Hyde Park, another line-up of superstars will be performing on the international stage nearby.'
  21. 'The support band The Shins were very good, and the main act, Belle and Sebastian were just brilliant.'
  22. 'When we attend jazz, we go mostly to view the main acts - and if these don't show up, we should be refunded.'
  23. 'In November, the Afro-Cuban All Stars, one of Cuba's most prominent musical acts, planned to perform in Berkeley as part of its U.S. tour.'
  24. 'Meanwhile, a popular feature of the annual festival, the Carlsberg Rhythm Route, is back and will once again see some top acts perform for free in Waterford pubs and nightspots.'


1. anything done, being done, or to be done; deed; performance: a heroic act.

2. the process of doing: caught in the act.

3. a formal decision, law, or the like, by a legislature, ruler, court, or other authority; decree or edict; statute; judgment, resolve, or award: an act of Congress.

4. an instrument or document stating something done or transacted.

5. one of the main divisions of a play or opera: the second act of Hamlet.

6. a short performance by one or more entertainers, usually part of a variety show or radio or television program.

7. the personnel of such a group: The act broke up after 30 years.

8. false show; pretense; feint: The politician's pious remarks were all an act.

9. Philosophy. activity in process; operation. the principle or power of operation. form as determining essence. a state of realization, as opposed to potentiality. verb (used without object) 10. to do something; exert energy or force; be employed or operative: He acted promptly in the emergency. 1

1. to reach, make, or issue a decision on some matter: I am required to act before noon tomorrow. 1

2. to operate or function in a particular way; perform specific duties or functions: to act as manager. 1

3. to produce an effect; perform a function: The medicine failed to act. 1

4. to behave or conduct oneself in a particular fashion: to act well under all conditions. 1

5. to pretend; feign: Act interested even if you're bored. 1

6. to perform as an actor: He acted in three plays by Molière. 1

7. to be capable of being performed: His plays don't act well. 1

8. to serve or substitute (usually followed by for): In my absence the assistant manager will act for me. verb (used with object) 1

9. to represent (a fictitious or historical character) with one's person: to act Macbeth. 20. to feign; counterfeit: to act outraged virtue. 2

1. to behave as: He acted the fool. 2

2. Obsolete. to actuate. Verb phrases 2

3. act on/upon, to act in accordance with; follow: He acted on my advice. to have an effect on; affect: The stirring music acted on the emotions of the audience. 2

4. act out, to demonstrate or illustrate by pantomime or by words and gestures: The party guests acted out stories for one another. Psychology. to give overt expression to (repressed emotions or impulses) without insightful understanding: The patients acted out early traumas by getting angry with the analyst. 2

5. act up, to fail to function properly; malfunction: The vacuum cleaner is acting up again. to behave willfully: The children always act up in school the day before a holiday.


"acteds can be as metaphors."
"acteds can depict in drawings."



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