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A person assisting a priest in a religious service or procession.
  1. 'When that was done, the nun asked whether my sister and I wished to serve as acolytes at the service.'
  2. 'Why is it that so many people today are never disturbed or upset at worship (except, of course, when the acolyte does acrobatics, the liturgy runs long, or the kids are cranky and crying)?'
  3. 'I advise my young acolytes to wear ‘Sunday shoes’ instead of athletic shoes when they are serving at the altar.'
  4. 'A bishop and his acolyte attend her, while courtiers in black robes emerge from the gloom on either side of the bed.'
  5. 'There were scores of acolytes and priests, preparing to begin the ritual.'
  6. 'Afterward he commented to me that I had reminded him of his days as an acolyte when he was a teenager.'
  7. 'He said, ‘I'm allowed to be an acolyte, but this is the first time I have ever been asked by my church in any form to reflect deeply on that which is most fundamental to who I am.’'
  8. 'With no Sunday school program for the five or so children present, we were invited to be part of the Sunday morning service. I served as an acolyte, a lay reader, and even led liturgical dance.'
  9. 'The water spills out over the baptismal font, drenching the minister and the acolyte holding the green book.'
  10. 'she runs the department through a small group of acolytes'
  11. 'In other words, what do art historians have to teach their fellow acolytes of the historical discipline about how to use the evidence of imagery competently?'
  12. 'Throughout his discussion, he uses a different and darker language than the optimistic tones one hears from the avid acolytes of progress.'
  13. 'After a triumphal festival performance in California last month, Smith and co will soon tour with a string of acolytes supporting.'
  14. 'Writers surround themselves with flunkeys and acolytes who will always be ready to assist.'
  15. 'Every Design Master has acolytes and disciples that assisted and facilitated process.'
  16. 'Stuck in limbo for 37 years, the album has finally been unveiled to adoring acolytes, frothing critics and celebrity fans by its creator.'
  17. 'The American presidential election turned out to be a bonfire of the vanities for the acolytes of political correctness.'
  18. 'But he also set an undisputed world record, for the number of aides, acolytes, spongers and hangers-on that he assembled in one place at the same time.'
  19. 'Jencks and the acolytes of the new worship of nature are wrong.'
  20. 'None of this would matter very much, were it not for the power of the new priesthood and its marketing acolytes.'
((n.) One who has received the highest of the four minor orders in the Catholic church, being ordained to carry the wine and water and the lights at the Mass.|--|(n.) One who attends; an assistant.|--|)


1. an altar attendant in public worship.

2. Roman Catholic Church. a member of the highest-ranking of the four minor orders. the order itself.Compare exorcist (def 2), lector (def 2), ostiary (def 1).

3. any attendant, assistant, or follower.


"acolytes can be in communities."
"acolytes can be with tales."
"ceremonies can have acolytes."
"acolytes can be for bashings."
"acolytes can be for abuses."

Middle English: from Old French acolyt or ecclesiastical Latin acolytus, from Greek akolouthos ‘follower’.

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