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Make slightly acidic.
  1. 'This is a bit acid so no need to acidulate the water.'
  2. 'Keep the artichoke in a bowl of water with a lemon squeezed into it, (rather grandly called acidulated water), this stops the heart from blackening when it is exposed.'
  3. 'Cream of tartar is made from it, and it is use to acidulate baking powder and ammonium carbonate.'
  4. 'The fishermen, many of Ukrainian descent, spit-roast or grill their catch over wood embers, or cook a Russian-Ukrainian fish soup called uha; in contrast to the Wallachian ciorb, this soup is not acidulated.'
  5. 'Then, as they are rather mushy in texture, firm them again by blanching in acidulated water…'
  6. 'This was the perfect palate cleanser, refreshing and acidulated, to prepare our tastebuds for dessert.'
  7. 'Peel and thinly slice the lotus root crosswise and place in acidulated water.'
  8. 'Quarter hearts and rub cut edges with lemon and soak in acidulated water until ready to use.'
  9. 'Rub cut edges with lemons and soak in acidulated water until ready to use.'
  10. 'Sulphide minerals in the gold ridges dissolve and creates mineral-rich acidulated water.'
((p. pr. & vb. n.) of Acidulate)

Mid 18th century: from Latin acidulus (from acidus ‘sour’) + -ate.

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