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A stony meteorite containing no small mineral granules (chondrules).
  1. 'The shop offers a wide range of Lunar and Martian meteorites along with many rare achondrites and chondrites.'
  2. 'A single blackened 361 gram achondrite was found in Dar al Gani, Libya at Lat. 26 deg. 55.17’ N and Long. 16 deg. 40.44’ E.'
  3. 'They are sometimes referred to as enstatite achondrites and might somehow be related to the enstatite chondrites.'
  4. 'However, three types of achondrites stand out from the others.'
  5. 'The Specimens below are polished to a high luster on one side to allow viewing of the beautiful crystalline structure characteristic of this rare primitive achondrite!'
  6. 'Based on their texture, stone meteorites are divided into two types, the chondrites and the achondrites.'
  7. 'Sources of other specific meteorites remain unproven, although another set of eight achondrites are suspected to have come from Mars.'
  8. 'There are a number of other achondrites that do not fit into any of the preceding groups or subgroups.'


1. a meteorite containing no chondrules.



Early 20th century: from a- ‘without’ + chondrite.

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