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A thing done successfully with effort, skill, or courage.
  1. 'Even so, for an entire family to achieve Black Belt status is a remarkable achievement.'
  2. 'Winning the French Open the year before had been a remarkable achievement, but he had to beat his old friend, Alex Corretja, to do it.'
  3. 'That's a remarkable achievement given the bitter division between those two parties.'
  4. 'It is a remarkable achievement for the club and establishes them as one of the best ladies club sides ever to come out of the province.'
  5. 'The building is truly a remarkable achievement and is the result of much planning and hard work by all involved.'
  6. 'He is congratulated on his wonderful achievement and wished continued success in the future.'
  7. 'If offers a wide ranging programme for all ages which in itself is a remarkable achievement for the organisers.'
  8. 'That is a remarkable achievement given the present redevelopment work which has disrupted movement around the city centre.'
  9. 'His first album appeared in late 1961, a remarkable achievement for a hick who'd landed in the city only a few months earlier.'
  10. 'Woetzel now seems to be well on her way to matching her sporting achievements with similar success on stage.'
The process or fact of achieving something.
  1. 'assessing ability in terms of academic achievement'
  2. 'Once at the bottom, we were all overwhelmed by the sense of achievement we had gained from our perseverance.'
  3. 'After 15 days, we have become like one big happy family where there is a sense of achievement and belonging.'
  4. 'When I write and hit the publish button, I feel a proud sense of achievement and accomplishment.'
  5. 'I get a sense of achievement from not having a garden, and I've always tried to live somewhere that doesn't have one.'
  6. 'After struggling to get yourself to the top, there is a real sense of achievement, and if it's not raining, the views can be fantastic.'
  7. 'I love them because they're beautiful and because they're the symbol of kings and of my achievement and success.'
  8. 'Our service aims to support schools and families across the county in raising ethnic minority achievement, through bilingual assistance, projects, training and advisory support.'
  9. 'Nowadays we live in a culture that puts enormous stock in the achievement of flashy early success.'
  10. 'Whizzing along on the train, there was a sense of achievement recalling how we had cycled all that way only 48 hours earlier.'
  11. 'There's a sense of achievement when you buy yourself something special, because you know you have worked hard to get it.'
A representation of a coat of arms with all the adjuncts to which a bearer of arms is entitled.
  1. 'This stone shows the heraldic achievement of Henry, including, significantly for us, a stag, gorged, enclosed in a fence.'
  2. 'This achievement is a good example of the canting coat.'
((n.) The act of achieving or performing; an obtaining by exertion; successful performance; accomplishment; as, the achievement of his object.|--|(n.) A great or heroic deed; something accomplished by valor, boldness, or praiseworthy exertion; a feat.|--|(n.) An escutcheon or ensign armorial; now generally applied to the funeral shield commonly called hatchment.|--|)


1. something accomplished, especially by superior ability, special effort, great courage, etc.; a great or heroic deed: his remarkable achievements in art.

2. the act of achieving; attainment or accomplishment: the achievement of one's object.

3. Heraldry. the full display of the armorial bearings of an individual or corporation.

4. Digital Technology. a title or icon associated with a user profile or account that indicates the person's skill or rank in an online community, especially on a gaming platform.


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