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A person or thing that accumulates something.
  1. 'rugs are the greatest accumulators of dust and dirt in every house'
  2. 'US assets will need to get cheap enough or offer high enough yields to keep foreigners willing holders and accumulators of US assets.'
  3. 'As braking takes place, energy is captured with the flow of oil from the low-pressure tank to the high-pressure accumulator.'
  4. 'During the postflight inspection, we found a ruptured main-rotor hose, which made the accumulator lose all its hydraulic fluid, resulting in the system failure.'
  5. 'But wealth accumulators aren't not just better off for it, they also feel better about their lives.'
  6. 'A keen accumulator of money, he has always used the media for his own ends - without, it must be said, making a single enemy.'
A large rechargeable battery.
  1. 'It is to him that we owe no less the transformer which, at a touch on a simple switch, draws on the force that lives in the accumulators and releases it as heat, light, electricity, or mechanical power after it has performed any task we need.'
  2. 'One of my more responsible Saturday morning jobs was to take two accumulators to the ‘wireless shop’ for recharging and to collect two replacements.'
  3. 'Past the radio shop on the corner where we took the accumulator for our wireless set to be recharged.'
  4. 'A short circuit of the switches controlling the electricity supply and aged accumulators led to the accident - resulting in trains being halted for over an hour and seriously affecting 450,000 passengers.'
  5. 'The Slater brothers built up a business delivering heavy, acid-filled accumulator batteries to power those early sets over a large area of the Dales.'
A bet placed on a series of races (or other events), the winnings and stake from each being placed on the next.
  1. 'The first part in the accumulator was €10 on ‘Cane Brake’ at the starting price of 7/4 which returned €27.50.'
  2. 'My accumulator was bust, but glory be, Steve Cauthen rode Southern Sky to win the last leg of my Yankee at odds of 3-1, and I won £192.'
  3. 'Catherine and husband Padraic at first thought she had won around €5,000 when her accumulator bet on all races at Fairyhouse yielded seven wins.'
  4. 'Two bets on the same game in an accumulator, Steve?'
  5. 'Well you can't go wrong with them if you do them as an each-way accumulator.'
  6. 'Racehorse Promotion - owned by the Queen - romped home in the final race of a Tote accumulator at Sandown last Tuesday night, netting the 50-something punter a cool £100,000.'
  7. 'The best accumulator bet would be that United will be in at the death, that Leeds push them to the limit, and that Liverpool will win the Uefa Cup if they can overcome Bara.'
  8. 'The winner of the Christmas accumulator was Mick Kane.'
  9. 'She liked to put a few bob on the horses, too, and once astounded veteran punters when she picked seven winners on the one card in an amazing accumulator.'
  10. 'The mystery customer won £2,838 at the Tote bookmakers in Well Croft, Shipley, after putting a £2 bet on the shop's Scoop6 accumulator bet last Saturday.'
A register used to contain the results of an arithmetical or logical operation.
  1. 'This information in conjunction with steering logic and accumulator registers is used to control the steering and storing of the frame data as it passes through the DMAC to the transmit buffer or from the receive buffer.'
  2. 'Trying being the important part of the sentence - his laptop was by turns crashing and telling him the accumulator was empty.'
((n.) One who, or that which, accumulates, collects, or amasses.|--|(n.) An apparatus by means of which energy or power can be stored, such as the cylinder or tank for storing water for hydraulic elevators, the secondary or storage battery used for accumulating the energy of electrical charges, etc.|--|(n.) A system of elastic springs for relieving the strain upon a rope, as in deep-sea dredging.|--|)


1. a person or thing that accumulates.

2. a register or electric device on an arithmetic machine, as an adding machine, cash register, or digital computer, that receives a number and produces and stores the results of arithmetic operations of the given number with other numbers.

3. British. a storage battery or storage cell.

4. an apparatus that stores fluid at approximately the working pressure of the hydraulic or pneumatic system in which it will be employed, so that a supply of fluid is always immediately available to the system.

5. Machinery. (in a boiler) a vessel for storing hot fluid, ready to flash into steam.

6. Hydraulics. a vessel in which air is trapped and compressed by the liquid, thus storing energy to supply liquid under pressure when the demand of the system is greater than the capacity of the pump.


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