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  1. 'Continued use of their native language and dialect sustains homeland ties and delays acculturation.'
  2. 'Problems of isolation, acculturation, and integration have been challenges for the host society.'
  3. 'There is a growing consensus that acculturation should be considered when conducting research with Hispanic populations.'
  4. 'Structural anthropology addresses many of the acculturation and identity issues that affect individual behavior.'
  5. 'There are a few groups that have avoided acculturation and maintained the traditional lifestyle they brought from the homeland.'
  6. 'But assimilation and acculturation usually mean the erosion of the cultural and social life of the immigrant group.'
  7. 'They have resisted acculturation by constructing social fences around their community.'
  8. 'This complexity was demonstrated by results of the unique combinations we found between acculturation and family cohesiveness.'
  9. 'He probably went through a long process of acculturation and adjustment into the cult-like environment of his new reality.'
  10. 'Arguably, what we learn most in school is acculturation.'


1. the process of adopting the cultural traits or social patterns of another group.

2. the result of this process.

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