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  1. 'Both provide frequency of accrual, which is critical to sustaining program interest.'
  2. 'The difference between his figure and the published figures in the Pentagon budget ‘is primarily due to accruals for military health benefits legislated in 2000’.'
  3. 'Therefore, delaying audits generally will not result in the additional accrual of interest.'
  4. 'How has accrual contributed to improving the decision-making processes of politicians, managers, and citizens of the countries in which it has been implemented?'
  5. 'Investment bankers fear that with no possibility of IPOs scene perking up in near future, the fee accrual on this account will be minimal.'
  6. 'He tracked his pension accruals carefully, and, in the fall of 2002, when the tech-stock fueled boom had clearly ended, he wanted to get that money out of his retirement account and into his pocket.'
  7. 'The employer also must keep records of all CTO accrual and use.'
  8. 'The traditional systems were based on cash accounting, not on accruals and depreciation.'
  9. 'Effective May 31, 2003, the plan has been frozen, and is therefore closed to further benefit accrual or new participants.'
  10. 'Defined benefit plans need to evolve to the Internet age with frequent access to benefit accruals and projections.'
((n.) Accrument.)


1. the act or process of accruing.

2. something accrued; accretion.


"There can be accrual accountings."
"There can be accrual methods."
"There can be accrual accounts."
"There can be accrual concepts."
"There can be accrual interests."
"There can be accrual systems."
"There can be accrual standards."
"There can be accrual schedules."
"There can be accrual rates."
"There can be accrual provisions."
"There can be accrual notes."
"There can be accrual informations."
"There can be accrual figures."
"There can be accrual effects."
"There can be accrual adjustments."
"roubleses can be accrued."
"causes can be accrued."
"rights can be accrued."
"interests can be accrued."
"accruals can be from percents."

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