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A hawk of a group distinguished by short, broad wings and relatively long legs, adapted for fast flight in wooded country.
  1. 'As much as I love accipiters I think that would be the worst way to go.'
  2. 'As far as other raptors go, you'd be hard-pressed to mistake an accipiter for a vulture or an eagle.'
  3. 'The photo plates also age and sex accipiters, those hawks that flap, flap, sail, and are the mostly likely the ones that raid our feeders of hapless birds.'
  4. 'The goshawk's tail is long, but wider than those of the other accipiters; this is the best way to distinguish a Goshawk from a Cooper's Hawk.'
  5. 'Anyone wearing a many pocketed vest (willingly in public) is usually the dead give away - it's almost as reliable as the flap-flap-glide of an accipiter.'
  6. 'An accipiter fluttered over very high early yesterday morning, but I didn't identify it.'
  7. 'I was passing one of the islands on the lake when I noticed what looked like an accipiter flying just above the water in pursuit of a bird and then double back to the island.'
  8. 'Ossified tendons have also been found in certain flexors in various falcon species but not in accipiter species.'
((n.) A genus of rapacious birds; one of the Accipitres or Raptores.|--|(n.) A bandage applied over the nose, resembling the claw of a hawk.|--|)

From Latin, ‘hawk, bird of prey’.

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