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The means or opportunity to approach or enter a place.
  1. 'wheelchair access'
  2. 'Nor was the lack of wheelchair access to the newly-opened Mango shop missed.'
  3. 'As well as the Tree House, there is full wheelchair access to the garden, shop, garden café and toilets.'
  4. 'The double bedroom to the rear has built-in louvre door wardrobes and access to the attic.'
  5. 'The launch also marked the completion of a new ramp providing wheelchair access to the building.'
  6. 'Each new shop with two levels will have an elevator, while there will be wheelchair access to the 14-screen cinema.'
  7. 'A Sligo woman has called for wheelchair access to all election booths after she wasn't able to vote on Friday.'
  8. 'The wide ramp will give wheelchair access to the garden at the centre and the volunteers also concreted the shed area in the garden as well as giving the garden a tidy up.'
  9. 'A side gate provides vehicular access to the west facing back garden which is paved and gravelled for easy maintenance.'
  10. 'It has off-street parking to the front for a couple of cars and double-gated side access to the back garden.'
  11. 'She used the wheelchair access to bring a buggy onto the strand but needed someone to physically lift the buggy onto the beach.'
  12. 'awards to help people gain access to training'
  13. 'Officers on the Operation Delta squad have access to the latest computer technology to hunt for burglars.'
  14. 'The deal we're negotiating is for all universities to have access to all journals electronically.'
  15. 'But the report dismisses claims that Leeds is swamped by asylum seekers who have access to a wide range of benefits.'
  16. 'Now, who do you think would have access to the resources needed for a well organised covert operation like that?'
  17. 'Operators have access to a wide range of information and experts within Defence.'
  18. 'Women have the right to divorce, inherit property, conduct business and have access to knowledge.'
  19. 'They have access to health and life insurance through their employers, or at their own expense.'
  20. 'He said across the country as few as one per cent of all those who could benefit from such care have access to it.'
  21. 'That is the debate over whether illegal aliens should have access to health care and other benefits.'
  22. 'It is not a policy issue as to whether people should have access to water or not, people are naturally entitled to have access.'
  23. 'Hishamudin ruled that their detention was unlawful and done in bad faith as they were denied access to family members and lawyers.'
  24. 'That he also will be denied access to his players in the dressing room before kick-off has led the manager to believe that he is being unduly punished.'
  25. 'He was denied access to a solicitor for 24 hours, but his solicitor did not in fact see him until the day after the expiry of this period.'
  26. 'Being denied access to their fathers, through no doing of their own.'
  27. 'Kujinga, who was initially denied access to his client, was finally allowed to see her by mid-afternoon.'
  28. 'This group aims to support fathers who suffer after marital disputes, for example by being denied access to their children by the mother.'
  29. 'At the same time union representatives were denied access to members and were not faxed requested safety reports.'
  30. 'While held in Camp Delta, he was denied access to a lawyer and quizzed by the British Secret Service.'
  31. 'He was released in August, but remained suspended from the exercise of his offices and was denied access to the Queen.'
  32. 'Ms. Stewart did not have her speech limited nor were students denied access to her as you suggest.'
  33. 'During that time he was never told he was under arrest and was denied access to a solicitor.'
  34. 'In real life, you'd rarely see the hard drive hammered in this way - most of the time, disk accesses occur relatively infrequently, or only last for relatively short periods of time.'
  35. 'Lock fields are used to coordinate multi-thread and multi-user accesses.'
  36. 'Even an experienced programmer might have a hard time tracking down bugs caused by invalid accesses, overflowing writes, accesses to dead memory, memory leaks and the like.'
  37. 'The window typically is narrow, only about 128MB or so, and any accesses to physical memory outside this window are not remapped.'
  38. 'In theory the larger cache improves performance because there is a reduction in the number of physical accesses to the disk.'
  39. 'This execution involves performing arithmetic and logical calculations, initiating memory accesses, and controlling the flow of program execution.'
  40. 'Memory data accesses are hundreds of times faster than disk.'
  41. 'Virtual Interface Architecture is a new method or establishing application-to-application remote memory accesses over a network.'
  42. 'Storage bottlenecks occur when the business encounters a combination of repetitive file accesses, and large program and data files that strain storage resources.'
  43. 'The problem lies in conflicting accesses to a block of memory by both the AGP processor and the CPU.'
  44. 'access television'
  45. 'The evolution of access broadcasting has produced a different kind of anxiety.'
An attack or outburst of an emotion.
  1. 'Either a solution has presented itself or I've had an access of strength and energy which has been enough to get me through.'


Approach or enter (a place)
  1. 'All of the apartments are entered via D' Olier Street and are accessed via an impressive marble entrance lobby.'
  2. 'A signed diversion route will also be in place for drivers wanting to access the village via the A64.'
  3. '150 new jobs are set to be created and the project is also set to reduce congestion, not only on the major motorways accessing the region but also local roads.'
  4. 'This three-bedroom penthouse apartment is on the third floor of a low-level block and is accessed via a private lift.'
  5. 'The private car park is accessed via remote controlled gates.'
  6. 'People are choosing to access the city centre but they are doing it in more sustainable ways, to the benefit of all.'
  7. 'The dining room is accessed from this wing via the kitchen.'
  8. 'The living and dining room are also accessed via steps from the hallway.'
  9. 'Secondly you accessed an area which you had no authority to enter.'
  10. 'In addition a large number of people need to access the town centre on a daily basis.'
Obtain or retrieve (computer data or a file)
  1. 'Therefore, when Windows accesses this file the next time, it must look in multiple locations on your hard drive to retrieve the individual file.'
  2. 'Still another advantage of consolidated storage is that the centrally located data can be accessed from other computers.'
  3. 'This enabled the FBI to find his password to access the encrypted files.'
  4. 'The lack of protection means that e-mails and sensitive computer files can be accessed by hackers using little more than a laptop and an antenna.'
  5. 'Suppliers also get the benefit of accessing the database to find out what operators are selling in different parts of the country.'
  6. 'A NAS server allows users to access files and images just like a typical network drive.'
  7. 'The benefits of remotely accessing your PC from the road are numerous, but the bottom line is that it enables you to use your computer from the road like you never left home.'
  8. 'In an attempt to clean out old and/or unnecessary files, I accessed my Winzip files.'
  9. 'After glancing at his watch he flipped on the computer and tried to access some old files.'
  10. 'When I go to the Macintosh, I can see the Linux server and access any file I want from it.'


1. the ability, right, or permission to approach, enter, speak with, or use; admittance: They have access to the files.

2. the state or quality of being approachable: The house was difficult of access.

3. a way or means of approach: The only access to the house was a rough dirt road.

4. Theology. approach to God through Jesus Christ.

5. an attack or onset, as of a disease.

6. a sudden and strong emotional outburst.

7. accession.

8. public-access television. verb (used with object)

9. to make contact with or gain access to; be able to reach, approach, enter, etc.: Bank customers can access their checking accounts instantly through the new electronic system. 10. Computers. to locate (data) for transfer from one part of a computer system to another, generally between an external storage device and main storage. adjective 1

1. Television. (of programming, time, etc.) available to the public: Six channels now offer access services.


"There can be accessing funds."
"There can be accessing datas."
"There can be accessing softwares."
"There can be accessing services."
"There can be accessing researchs."
"There can be accessing opportunities."
"There can be accessing numbers."
"There can be accessing modules."
"There can be accessing markets."
"There can be accessing lists."
"There can be accessing intuitions."
"There can be accessing intradays."
"There can be accessing instructions."
"There can be accessing facts."
"There can be accessing documents."
"There can be accessing details."
"words can be accessed."
"texts can be accessed."
"operands can be accessed."
"memories can be accessed."
"accessings can be in senses."



Middle English (in the sense ‘sudden attack of illness’): from Latin accessus, from the verb accedere ‘to approach’ (see accede). access (sense 1 of the noun) is first recorded in the early 17th century.

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