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Relating to a college or university.
  1. 'So the case is interesting from academical point of view, but not a real threat to the users.'
  2. '‘In 1900, its name was changed to Stovia at the time when it had reached full academical status,’ said Savitri Prastiti Scherer in her book titled Keselarasan dan Kejanggalan Pemikiran-Pemikiran Priayi Nationalis Jawa AwalAbad XX.'
  3. 'He was created ‘poet-laureate’ by the universities of Oxford, Louvain, and Cambridge, an academical distinction.'
  4. '[From Vivaculus:]… I hasted to London, and entreated one of my academical acquaintances to introduce me into some of the little societies of literature which are formed in taverns and coffee - houses.'
  5. 'For mathematics, at that time with us, were scarce looked on as academical studies, but rather mechanical - as the business of traders, merchants, seamen, carpenters, surveyors of lands and the like.'


Formal university attire.
    ((n. pl.) The articles of dress prescribed and worn at some colleges and universities.)

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