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The owner of an adjoining property.
  1. 'Even were Mrs. Brown to lack standing as an abutter or an aggrieved person, that would not end this appeal because she represents a group of individuals, some of whom are certainly abutters.'
  2. 'An abutter has several opportunities during the Public Hearing process to voice concerns about a given subdivision that may alter the final design or decision.'
  3. 'The Commission notes that it follows a presumption that all property matters that arise within the legal definition of an abutter are presumed to financially impact the property within that area.'
  4. '‘We are abutters and we were not notified of any of the meetings,’ he said.'
  5. 'And he promised the abutters his project will not aggravate their problems with pre-Title 5 septic systems and low-level wells.'
((n.) The butting or boundary of land, particularly at the end; a headland.)

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