Noun Absurdness Definition and Examples







In an absurd way; ridiculously.
  1. 'Instead of greater freedom, what results is absurdly long workdays in stressful environments.'
  2. 'It is an oddity of the Internet that you type in a request and an absurdly large number of ‘hits’ are recorded.'
  3. 'It's incoherent, absurdly argued, poorly written and precious beyond words.'
  4. 'Great use of sound, lighting and camera angles draw you in to this absurdly eerie little shaggy-dog story.'
  5. 'Pudding was another matter altogether, and as someone with an absurdly sweet tooth, this was a genuine treat.'
  6. 'It has become absurdly easy to frame whatever group is supposed to take the blame for an atrocity.'
  7. 'And the writing is so pithy, so good at capturing the absurdly poignant with linguistic economy.'
  8. 'The contempt and indifference for her own child, which she continually voices, is absurdly unbelievable.'
  9. 'I dropped off the prints at Mark's absurdly tidy and trendy flat.'
  10. 'They tend not to be so absurdly competitive, they're more realistic and, I'd thought, more empathic.'
  11. 'the share price is absurdly low'
  12. 'I rock back and forth, clutching myself with my arms, feeling absurdly empty.'
  13. 'And second, the pension deficit is absurdly high.'
  14. 'His legs took a few tentative steps into the room, the sound of his boots on the soft wood absurdly loud in his ears.'
  15. 'So unpopular has their botched plan become that not a single force met the absurdly short deadline.'
  16. 'Republican-dominated legislatures and election officials have adopted absurdly difficult registration rules.'
  17. 'An absurdly overvalued dollar is making imports hypercompetitive.'
  18. 'In fact, he is so good that I have gotten absurdly tongue-tied both times I've met him in the last month or so.'
  19. 'A very useful trick - and absurdly simple, too - is to notice when the defender looks away from his man.'
  20. 'Last year was little better, with little overtaking and an absurdly low attrition rate which saw only five cars fail to finish.'
  21. 'We find such comments absurdly discriminatory in nature.'
((n.) Absurdity.)

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