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On the subject of; concerning.
  1. 'a book about ancient Greece'
  2. 'What we will have to settle for, at best, is a frank debate about some of the subjects raised by Mind the Gap.'
  3. 'So impassioned am I about Croydon that I have put together a poetry book all about it.'
  4. 'He suggests that such evasiveness often occurs because of concerns about giving away the plot.'
  5. 'Why write a scientific book about a subject best left to poets and songwriters?'
  6. 'Good biopics struggle to present a truth, if not the truth, about their subjects.'
  7. 'In America, the book has chimed with concern about corruption in the Catholic Church.'
  8. 'I am mostly concerned about the amount of exhaust fumes we are being subjected to.'
  9. 'However a spokesman for the firm declined to give any information about its intentions.'
  10. 'This is a subject of modern concern about which classical Buddhist sources have little to say.'
  11. 'It is really immaterial how much we are promised about the good intentions of the new owners.'
  12. 'there's nothing we can do about it'
  13. 'But what caused the cancer in the first place, and what can we do about it?'
  14. 'The argument now is about how badly we will be affected and whether it is too late to do anything about it.'
Used to indicate movement within a particular area.
  1. 'He paused, looked about himself for a moment, and sighed.'
  2. 'I should like to walk about my city again without being subjected to foul-mouthed racist abuse.'
  3. 'While some men can wander about a hardware store for an hour, I can kill 60 minutes or more in a kitchen supply place.'
Used to express location in a particular place.
  1. 'he produced a knife from somewhere about his person'
  2. 'there was a look about her that said everything'
  3. 'There was a film noir quality about that piece of managerial advice, and it fitted the times.'
  4. 'Seen from the air in the lemony light of dawn, the place has an almost mystical quality about it.'


Used to indicate movement within an area.
  1. 'finding my way about'
  2. 'They emptied the pool of its water by splashing about and then threw toys and sand into it.'
  3. 'You go in feet first - there's enough room to move about and then come out head first.'
Used to express location in a particular place.
  1. 'Couches, armchairs and tables were scattered about the place.'
  2. 'I have friends scattered about Australia.'
  3. 'Houdini relied on great skill, low cunning, and keeping tiny metal picklocks concealed about his person.'
(used with a number or quantity) approximately.
  1. 'he's about 35'
  2. 'Arab traders took Islam to the area in about the twelfth century, possibly even earlier.'
  3. 'They held up movements for about eight hours and the road was effectively closed.'
  4. 'Plane Tree Grove is a residential area about a quarter of a mile from the airport.'


1. of; concerning; in regard to: instructions about the work; a book about the Civil War.

2. connected or associated with: There was an air of mystery about him.

3. near; close to: a man about my height; about six o'clock.

4. in or somewhere near: He is about the house.

5. on every side of; around: the railing about the excavation.

6. on or near (one's person): They lost all they had about them.

7. so as to be of use to: Keep your wits about you.

8. on the verge or point of (usually followed by an infinitive): about to leave.

9. here or there; in or on: to wander about the old castle. 10. concerned with; engaged in doing: Tell me what it's about. Bring me the other book while you're about it. adverb 1

1. near in time, number, degree, etc.; approximately: It's about five miles from here. 1

2. nearly; almost: Dinner is about ready. 1

3. nearby; not far off: He is somewhere about. 1

4. on every side; in every direction; around: Look about and see if you can find it. 1

5. halfway around; in the opposite direction: to turn a car about. 1

6. from one place to another; in this place or that: to move furniture about; important papers strewn about. 1

7. in rotation or succession; alternately: Turn about is fair play. 1

8. in circumference: a wheel two inches about. 1

9. Nautical. onto a new tack. onto a new course. adjective 20. moving around; astir: He was up and about while the rest of us still slept. 2

1. in existence; current; prevalent: Chicken pox is about.


"people can tell people about s."
"people can tell people about people."
"people can do nothings about s."
"people can know nothings about s."
"people can know alls about s."
"people can know alls about people."
"people can ask people about s."
"people can tell people about people/places/organizations."
"people can forget alls about s."
"people can think things about s."
"people can know nothings about people."
"people can feel things about s."
"people can feel things about things."
"people can ask people about people."
"people can forget alls about people."
"people can tell people about things."
"people can think mores about s."
"people can know things about s."
"people can say things about s."
"people can say things about things."
"There can be policy turnabouts."
"There can be campaign walkabouts."
"There can be surprise about-faces."
"There can be land thereaboutses."
"There can be land hereaboutses."
"There can be attraction hereaboutses."
"There can be work turn-abouts."
"There can be work hereaboutses."
"There can be witch hereaboutses."
"There can be whereabouts unknowns."
"There can be weeding roundaboutses."
"There can be water hereaboutses."
"There can be wasteland thereaboutses."
"There can be walkabout portrayses."
"There can be wait hereaboutses."
"There can be tweed thereaboutses."
"There can be turnabout finishes."
"There can be truthabout misappropriations."
"There can be trueabout theerslaveses."
"There can be traffic roundaboutses."



Old English onbūtan, from on ‘in, on’ + būtan ‘outside of’ (see but).

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