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The distinctive culture of aboriginal peoples, especially those in Australia.
  1. 'Parts of the region were settled as late as 1912 by the grandfathers of many of the current landowners and yet virtually all the vestiges of Aboriginality have been erased, apart from the area's whimsical and colorful place names.'
  2. 'Letters have been sent to 350 people confirming their Aboriginality, but others will be asked to provide more information about their family history.'
  3. 'Musharbash offers ethnographic detail to ongoing discussions on Aboriginality, indigeneity, social change, and cultural transformation in post-colonial states.'
  4. 'The positive value ascribed to traditional culture has been further reinforced by popular images and representations of Aboriginality as an exemplar of timeless continuity.'
  5. 'Highlighting the unique place that Aboriginality occupies in contemporary debates about belonging and displacement, the analysis demonstrates that Radiance, like all texts, carries political meanings.'
  6. 'In this paper, I illustrate the way one Aboriginal artist challenged what he perceived as an essentialised concept of Aboriginality, by rejecting rainbow serpent iconography.'
  7. 'It might be surmised that another reason the census showed more people claiming Aboriginality was their increased confidence to live a life without the general societal and governmental persecution of the past.'
  8. 'The results are most evident in representations of Aboriginality where indigenous artifacts, activities, and people are deployed as national icons in popular culture.'
  9. 'We create politicians motivated more on proving their Aboriginality than the political agendas they are elected to carry out.'
  10. 'These contributions have done much to provide a rationale for the acceptance of Indigenous views in relation to archaeology and an understanding of its role in the construction of Aboriginality.'
((n.) The quality of being aboriginal.)

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