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A place of residence; a house or home.
  1. 'South Mountain was a name for nearby Mt. Lu, a landmark site in northern Jiangxi Province known as an abode of hermits, religious communities, and spirit beings.'
  2. 'Recently divorced, Foster is now house-hunting with her teenage daughter and appears to be seeking a hotel rather than a humble abode.'
  3. 'In between the luxurious modern houses are two curious abodes.'
  4. 'The excuse we have been given is that most fine defaulters have no fixed abode, keep moving addresses, and cannot be found.'
  5. 'He purchased his dilapidated old home, Rathloe House, with the intention to build a new abode on the site.'
  6. 'The sanity of people who pay from £150,000 to £200,000 for very humble abodes is something that would have to be questioned.'
  7. 'The lawmaking body passed a resolution requesting that the Executive Yuan locate an appropriate abode from state-owned houses for the vice president within a year.'
  8. 'Using extensive footage from his native birthplace in India, the film travels to his college in Kolkata continuing to his current abode at the Master's Lodge in Cambridge.'
  9. 'The pictures of our abode, the Eco House, could have come from a glossy interiors mag or a coffee table tome, even though I say so myself.'
  10. 'The humble abode which Nelson Mandela occupied when he first came to Joburg during the early 1940s is to be transformed into a heritage attraction site.'
  11. 'their right of abode in Britain'
  12. 'Did I mention I'll probably be using this item as my main place of abode by the end of this month?'
  13. 'He writes of Eudoxus as a student in Athens: - … so poor was he that he took up his abode at the Piraeus and trudged to Athens and back on foot each day.'
  14. 'The independent senator said a lot of the crime in the society was being committed by people of no fixed place of abode.'
  15. 'According to the police, there were about 500 people in attendance in total, of which 210 people were citizens who were demonstrating for the right to abode.'
  16. 'It's the same in all cities you travel to for the first time. You find a landmark nearest to your place of abode so you can get your bearings when you need to return to the area.'
  17. 'Our staff had to assign a period of abode according to standard procedures.'
  18. 'Man then began to cultivate the fields, and to have a fixed place of abode other than a cave.'


    ((n.) Act of waiting; delay.|--|(n.) Stay or continuance in a place; sojourn.|--|(n.) Place of continuance, or where one dwells; abiding place; residence; a dwelling; a habitation.|--|)


    1. a place in which a person resides; residence; dwelling; habitation; home.

    2. an extended stay in a place; sojourn.


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    Middle English (in the sense ‘act of waiting’): verbal noun from abide.

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