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A shortened form of a word or phrase.
  1. 'The peso's abbreviation was p, and its plural was sometimes written as ps, and sometimes the P with a superscript s.'
  2. 'That's a particularly dour abbreviation - Normal Operating Procedure - but I don't claim to have invented that one.'
  3. 'Electronic records also contained significantly more words, abbreviations, and symbols.'
  4. 'I was trying to find out the rule about using apostrophes with acronyms or abbreviations.'
  5. 'Though the two abbreviations are Latin terms, they are easily translatable into English.'
  6. 'A list of abbreviations, acronyms, and symbols that should not be used also should be available.'
  7. 'The glossary contains explanations of abbreviations and terms used in this pamphlet.'
  8. 'It's generally accepted that you can use acronyms and abbreviations without explanation, where the term is well known by the audience.'
  9. 'There were many abbreviations, which were initially difficult to remember.'
  10. 'This is not a legally approved abbreviation, and the story has been corrected to reflect that.'
  11. 'nursing records must be written without abbreviation'
  12. 'Tanacetum vulgare, a herb whose name is supposedly derived by abbreviation from ‘athanasia’, the draught which gave Ganymede immortality.'
  13. 'Dorcia flinched at Dolly's abbreviation of her name.'
  14. 'In fact I did not condemn abbreviation, I condemned the near-total exclusion of ideas.'
  15. 'Let's not forget that it was exactly this kind of abbreviation that caused all the trouble in the first place.'
  16. 'They have exploited this radical abbreviation of focal length to develop a prototype of a credit-card-thin camera.'
  17. 'The device of dialogue allows abbreviation of statements without loss of clarity.'
  18. 'Is that abbreviation a true synopsis of the intent of the Amendment?'
((n.) The act of shortening, or reducing.|--|(n.) The result of abbreviating; an abridgment.|--|(n.) The form to which a word or phrase is reduced by contraction and omission; a letter or letters, standing for a word or phrase of which they are a part; as, Gen. for Genesis; U.S.A. for United States of America.|--|(n.) One dash, or more, through the stem of a note, dividing it respectively into quavers, semiquavers, or demi-semiquavers.|--|)


1. a shortened or contracted form of a word or phrase, used to represent the whole, as Dr. for Doctor, U.S. for United States, lb. for pound.

2. an act of abbreviating; state or result of being abbreviated; reduction in length, duration, etc.; abridgment; summary: His abbreviation of his famous monograph, an enormous endeavor in itself, made an excellent introduction to the volume of collected essays of which he was the editor.

3. a short phrase or reduced form used to represent a larger, more complex idea, situation, set of beliefs, etc.: “Freedom of speech” has become an abbreviation for a wealth of debate—and case law—about protesters' rights. The artist presented an abbreviation of line, plane, and curve; she creates breathtaking abstract representations of bodies you expect to leap off the canvas and start dancing.


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