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Any one of six isomeric compounds that are derived from xylene and used in the manufacture of dyes.
  1. 'The treatment objective was to reduce concentrations of xylidines in soil by 90% from approximately 5,000 ppm to 500 ppm.'
  2. 'This paper discusses the removal of xylidines from polluted waters by means of chemical oxidation methods.'
  3. 'Masson specified a dye he called Ponceau de xylidine for a variant of his trichrome staining method.'
  4. 'Xylidines are typically yellow liquids (except 3,4-xylidine which is solid) that darken when exposed to air and light.'
((n.) Any one of six metameric hydrocarbons, (CH3)2.C6H3.NH2, resembling aniline, and related to xylene. They are liquids, or easily fusible crystalline substances, of which three are derived from metaxylene, two from orthoxylene, and one from paraxylene. They are called the amido xylenes.)

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