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A tissue graft or organ transplant from a donor of a different species from the recipient.
  1. 'In 1992 Pfeifer and others found that a factor could be identified in xenografts from G. cydonium that cross-reacted immunologically with an antibody raised against a mammalian tumor necrosis factor.'
  2. 'In this report, we show that such targeted agents are transported across respiratory epithelia lining human tracheal xenografts, and its transcytosis paralleled expression of hpIgR.'
  3. 'The unit will also focus on research related to biodegradable stents, focus on cryopreservation of cardiac homografts, xenografts and decellularisation of tissue and autograft engineering, the release added.'
  4. 'Traditional products, such as xenograft and allograft, are still widely used in burn care.'
  5. 'Complement-mediated rejection of nerve cell xenografts presents an important obstacle to effectively replacing damaged cells in the central nervous system.'
  6. 'Intratumoral injected methylene blue plus red light illumination was also effective against human colon tumor xenografts, with destruction of 75% of tumors after a single treatment.'
  7. 'However, we were able to examine the transport of the anti-hSC Fv-based fusion proteins from the circulation to the lumenal surface of human epithelia in tracheal xenografts.'
  8. 'Examples of a temporary covering are cadaveric allograft from an unrelated donor, xenograft (such as pigskin), synthetic products, and cultured epithelial autograft.'
  9. 'The H-MESO1 xenografts used in these studies were grown s.c. in a mouse host, and some necrosis was evident as the tumors grew.'

noun, Surgery.

1. a graft obtained from a member of one species and transplanted to a member of another species.


"xenografts can be in mice."
"xenografts can be because of lacks."

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