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Meat from a deer.
  1. 'I used to think that venison lacked flavour, but this meat has a depth of flavour and tenderness that is quite divine.'
  2. 'Tuck into steak, roast beef, venison and other red meat at least three times a week'
  3. 'When you buy venison, it is normally red deer which can be farmed or grazed in parks.'
  4. 'Drizzle remaining olive oil over venison and roast in oven to desired doneness.'
  5. 'Served in a piping hot tureen, the tender venison meat was soaking in a sauce that tasted of pearl onions and wine.'
  6. 'To prevent the spread of the disease, the European Union has banned exports of venison and other red meats.'
  7. 'French chefs often used to complain that they could get nothing but venison from roe deer.'
  8. 'It may need to be as vegan as a freshly plucked dandelion leaf, or as bloody as a rare grilled haunch of venison.'
  9. 'Beef, venison, and bison meat could be smoked for storage or cut into strips and dried.'
  10. 'There's even venison and steak for those irritating diners who go to seafood restaurants and choose meat.'
((n.) Beasts of the chase.|--|(n.) Formerly, the flesh of any of the edible beasts of the chase, also of game birds; now, the flesh of animals of the deer kind exclusively.|--|)


1. the flesh of a deer or similar animal as used for food.


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Middle English: from Old French veneso(u)n, from Latin venatio(n-) ‘hunting’, from venari ‘to hunt’.

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