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A cycle-racing track, typically with steeply banked curves.
  1. 'The track there is the busiest velodrome in the world and McGlynn sees no reason why a facility in Scotland wouldn't be just as popular.'
  2. 'Yes, we need a 50-metre pool and, yes, we need a cycling velodrome, but we do not need any more stadiums.'
  3. 'We also organized a trip to a velodrome in London so that we could try something new.'
  4. 'The proposed velodrome would be of a standard that would host national events and therefore attract additional tourism to Hawke's Bay.'
  5. 'It is one of 25 velodromes in the U.S., but is considered among the top-three cycling facilities in the world.'


1. a sports arena equipped with a banked track for cycling.

Late 19th century: from French vélodrome, from vélo ‘bicycle’ + -drome (see -drome).

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