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A varicose vein.
  1. 'Health results include varices (enlarged tortuous veins) at the lower end of the esophagus that can bleed severely.'
  2. 'When these vessels form in the distal esophagus and stomach, the usually small rudimentary left gastric vein dilates and varices develop.'
Each of the ridges on the shell of a gastropod mollusc, marking a former position of the aperture.
  1. 'The new species differs from Stoliczka's species by having fine spiral ribbing and an absence of slight varices preceded by a deep furrow.'
  2. 'Alamirifica corona differs considerably from Echinobathra by not having protruding, very thick varices nor tabulate whorls.'
((n.) A uneven, permanent dilatation of a vein.|--|(n.) One of the prominent ridges or ribs extending across each of the whorls of certain univalve shells.|--|)

noun, plural varices[vair-uh-seez]/ˈvɛər əˌsiz/(Show IPA)

1. Also called varicosity. Pathology. a permanent abnormal dilation and lengthening of a vein, usually accompanied by some tortuosity; a varicose vein.

2. Zoology. a ridgelike mark or scar on the surface of a shell at a former position of the lip of the aperture.


"varixs can be without devascularisations."
"varixs can be with portosystemics."
"varixs can be with devascularisations."

Late Middle English: from Latin.

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