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The amount by which the value of an article is increased at each stage of its production, exclusive of initial costs.
  1. 'However, textile's share of value added increased over the same period, from 11 percent to 13 percent.'
  2. 'The increased value added of the mining sector was largely reflected in the improved performance of the diamond industry.'
  3. 'Real gross output may also be easier to measure than real value added because it depends largely on deriving price indexes for observable sales.'
The addition of features to a basic line or model for which the buyer is prepared to pay extra.
  1. 'The software will be offered to existing customers and new buyers as ‘a value added service’, the company said.'
  2. 'Malah is in charge of making the farm's value-added products, like pickles, jams, and jellies.'
  3. 'The Government introduced the export duty on unprocessed timber in order to encourage the export of value added timber and help in employment creation.'
  4. 'It could be that one of the brands migrates more toward a high-technology, value-added brand.'
  5. 'Therefore, a modified structure is necessary for today's value-added cooperatives.'
  6. 'The income generated from the value-added business will flow to, and within, the local community.'


1. something, as an item of equipment, that has been added to a product by a marketer or distributor to warrant a markup in the retail price. adjective

2. of, relating to, or supplying value-added: software supplied by a value-added distributor.


"value-addeds can be in organizations."
"value-addeds can be for shareholders."
"value-addeds can be in states."

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